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Vital tips for planning your new staircase

Welcome to the party…the party of planning your new staircase. Today, we want to discuss the vital tips that will help you plan your new staircase with the least amount of stress. Hopefully, these tips can help and benefit you during this process. As with any remodelling project remember to take your time and look at all your options before setting on a final decision.

Location – The location of your staircase will play a major role in the way your staircase can be designed. Think about the layout of your home, the size of the staircase needed as well as how much space you have around the staircase itself.

Long Stairs – When you have extremely tall or long stairs they can be intimidating to those standing at one end or the other. Try to avoid an overly long set of stairs by breaking them up with small landings in between the sets of stairs. This will also be helpful in avoiding overly steep stairs too.

Budget – You will want to have a budget in mind before you begin trying to plan your new staircase. Part of the budget will be needed to consider what type of material you want your stairs to be made from. Your budget will come into play for this because some woods are more costly than others. The amount of details in your stairs will also be determined by your budget, you won’t get intricate details on a small budget, so it’s best to start with a budget before you begin your planning so you know right where you need to be.

Safety – Remember to take the safety of those who will be using the stairs into account, you don’t want details or overly thin decorative stairs to be the cause of a child falling down the stairs. Think in depth about who will be using these stairs and also remember these stairs should be able to last you for years to come so think about future uses as well.

Call The Professionals – It is always a good idea to call in the professionals and get their opinions and thoughts on the planning of the staircase. They will be able to inform you of what will work and what might not be such a good idea for your new stairs. Professionals such as S&A Stairs will offer free estimates for your new stairs and this could be highly beneficial and also add to the budget accuracy.

To experience the perfect staircase for your home, get in touch with the experts at S&A Stairs. Our professional nature highlights our commitment to helping you with all staircase requirements.