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What Are Balustrades? And Why Are They Important to Stairs?

Balustrades aren’t new to the world of architecture and home remodelling. For long, they’ve always found unique purpose in most commercial buildings – from restaurants, learning institutions, museums to industries or anything in-between. In homes, however, they’ve gained increased traction in the past few decades. As you might expect, balustrades come in a huge variety of materials, including stone, stainless steel, iron, chrome, wood and, most recently, glass. While balustrades have always been used to support balconies and other structures at home, it has become particularly popular in today’s stair systems. And for a good reason – balustrades offer a plethora of benefits to the stair.

Well, before we delve right in…..what actually are balustrades?

You might not know what exactly are balustrades, but you have come across them more often than you think. Commonly found in stairs, balconies or terraces, a balustrade is a railing supported by a row of small columns called balusters. Interesting enough, most people don’t know the difference between bannisters or handrails with balustrades. Nonetheless, balustrades offer myriad benefits, from preventing accidental fall-offs to adding beauty to your home and everything in between.

Benefits Of Balustrades To Your Stairs

Adds Aesthetic Value to Your Stair

No matter the material, stair balustrades are quite a sight. Glass or stainless steel, for instance, adds a sophisticated touch of elegance, flair, and style to your staircase. So, if your stairs are a bit of an eyesore, it’s best to treat them with eye-catching balustrades. In this way, you can actually the resale value of your home or business building to a whole new and exciting level. Who knows – they might just make the buyers shed more for the house!

Prevents You & Your Loved Ones From Falling Off the Stairs

One of the most significant benefits of balustrades is security. And let’s be honest, accidents do happen in our homes. Wouldn’t be nice to have beautiful balustrades added to your stairs so you can peace of mind? That’s right; balustrades minimises the possibilities of anyone falling off the stairs.

Adds Strength To Your Stairs

We have all seen squeaky or rattling stairs. Well, you don’t need them to scream: fix me! Get some balustrades installed; they are simply a quick, safe, and cost-effective fix!

Bring Your Stairs (& Home) Up To Current Building Codes!

I don’t need to remind you the importance of bringing your building, especially a business property, up to code. And one of the areas inspectors look at is the credibility of the stairs.