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What are you exactly paying for when you get new stairs?

Stairs are the ideal way of connecting two levels of a house together. The stairs should be perfectly done to handle the foot traffic safely and add to the style of the house. When purchasing new stairs, you actually buy a number of items that make up for its functionality and look. Here is exactly what you pay for when you buy new stairs.


The cost of the stairs is pegged on the style of the stairs. You will realise different styles go for different price tags even if the materials are the same. Sometimes the style is determined by the available space at home. This means that you do not have much choice. However, if you have space, there are several choices available in Australia that include Helical stairs, Open risers, U-Shaped stairs, Straight stairs, spiral stairs, L-shaped stairs, winder, floating and arched stairs.


Your stairs are not just for functionality. They are part of the beauty of your home. The good looks come at a price. The aesthetics comes about from the design of the stairs, choice of colours and sometimes the style of the stairs. The material combinations also play a part in the overall look of the staircase. Thus, it is important to look at all available staircase ideas that match with the overall style of your home.


The main reason for buying the stairs is to get you to and from the upper levels of the house. Functionality has to do with the strength, stability and the support of the stairs. The staircase should be strong enough to support the weight of the people moving up and down the levels of the house, safe enough to avoid tripping or falling over down below and stable enough for people to walk in it worth any fear. This is the prime attribute that you pay for in a new set.


The durability of the stairs comes at a price. The materials used mostly determine the durability of the staircase but also the workmanship of the stairs. As for the materials, the most common options in the market include wood, concrete metal, and the stone. As for the rails and balusters, glass, metal, and wood are the most common choices.

Ensure that you get value for money when buying the stairs for your Melbourne home. Buy stairs that have all of the above attributes at a level that is satisfactory as per your budget.