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What Can You Build Under The Stairs?

Many houses have stairs in them. These stairs have some space underneath, and some of the home owners completely underestimate the usefulness of this precious space. But, using a little bit of creativity and craftsmanship, any house owner can convert this abandoned space into a highly useful and elegant compartment.

An office or study space

Depending on the size of the space available, you can transform the space underneath the stairs into a nearby office room or a study space. Most of the stair cases have enough space to accommodate at least one desk, a chair and a computer with other accessories. If you want some shelves inside the space, that’s perfectly doable.  You can add a nice sliding door to this space and paint it to blend the interior colour.

A hidden storage compartment

Having an extra storage compartment is a bonus for any household. You can simply convert the space under the stairs into a perfect storage compartment and make it pretty invisible with smart application of colours. Such storage can be built either with drawers or shelves. Again, you can make it a hidden compartment if you get the assistance of a professional. The most important thing you should do is to blend it with the existing colour theme of the house.

Small extra bathroom 

It is a great value addition to have an extra bathroom in your house. You can dedicate it to kids or yourself to use when all the other main bathrooms are occupied. When you have a rush day ahead, the assistance of such bathroom can be very useful. When you have an extra member in the house, such bathroom can become handy. Depending on the space available, you can decide what to install and what to omit (for instance, there might not be enough space to have a bathtub inside such room).

A bookshelf

You can easily convert the space under stairs into a beautiful, handy bookshelf with less cost and time. If you hire a professional to handle this task, they will offer you a large number of options to choose.

Wine Cellar

If you are a wine lover (like most of the others), you can consider converting the space under the stairs into a wine cellar. You can have this cellar decorated in many ways using your imagination and the contractor’s ideas. It will be a surprise for your guests and family members alike.

Reading Space 

By installing a comfortable mattress, a couple of pillows and adequate light, you can just convert the space under the stairs into a cosy reading space either for you or your kids. This is among the easiest conversations you can ever see.

It is always important to use your imagination wisely when converting these spaces. However, hiring a professional to complete this task for you is a wise move if you are not an expert in the field; otherwise, you will end up ruining your interior and wasting your money.