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What is the most expensive material when it comes to stairs?

Staircases are no longer just the functional pieces that most of the homeowners used to have. Today’s staircases are a style statement and part of the overall feel of the house. Thus, many people are spending more on their stairs across Australia and beyond.

We have compiled some of the most expensive stairs materials combination that people across Melbourne are using

Traditional bespoke with Brazilian mahogany

Brazilian mahogany is one of the most expensive woods available commercially in the market. However, its dark polished looks make it is a good material for the handrails. It can be combined with other types of hardwood such as oak or the maple to make a bespoke staircase. Just be sure to dig deep into your pocket.

Forged iron balusters and maple handrails

Hand forged iron balusters have a lovely and exquisite detailing that makes them a style statement. Different designs and shapes can be mixed to create a feeling of classing old craftsmanship. The railing is then attached to crafted maple handrails to create a masterpiece. You can also use wrought iron for the handrails. Other materials that are used for balustrade include cable rail, stainless steel, and glass.

White oak limestone and glass

If you are looking for something other than wood, consider white oak limestone and glass combination. The white oak limestone looks like wood, or it feels different. The greyish colour with black streaks makes it look just like the natural wood. Glass is attached to the sides of the stairs along the gradient. There are no handrails that are installed. The floor is also tiled or layered with granite stone. The contemporary design is very refreshing yet very expensive. Granite, glass, and limestone are actually very expensive on their own.

Stone and concrete staircases

Stone and concrete create a traditional staircase but can also create contemporary or industrial type staircases. Most of the slabs are made to order to fit your staircase space. This makes them very expensive with prices starting at around $ 12,000.

While choosing the material to use, consider the best combination to create both the style, prestige and a construction masterpiece that is attractive. The good thing is that most of the materials up here can be combined with ease albeit very expensive. The costs are also determined by the design of the stairs. Spiral and turned staircases are more expensive than the straight staircases. Would you like to make a statement of quality and prestige with your staircase? Go for expensive materials.