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What to look out for when your stairs are old

The staircases are usually exposed to a lot of foot traffic that causes wear and tear. As the staircase gets old, some parts start to get weak and are easily damaged. Joints are likely to come loose, wood may crack, and the structural integrity of the stairs may be compromised. This should the time that you should consider replacing you Melbourne home stairs to avoid any injury. Below are other are areas to look for when your stairs are old.

The stair treads

The stair treads start to take in wear as soon as you start using the staircase. By the time the staircase is old, they may be very much worn off at the top and the bottom of the staircase but the treads in between intact. If there is bare wood that is showing on the treads, they should be replaced as soon as possible as the wood will degrade fast and compromise the strength of your staircase.

The risers

The vertical risers are found between the horizontal treads. These are not stepped but are beaten up in the process. With time, they lose their smoothness from repeated use. The wood may have also cracked, lost its strength and became dark from accumulated dirt and ageing of the wood. Risers that have not been extensively damaged can be sanded and restored. However, if part of a very weak stairs, a replacement should be done.

The handrails

The handrails are areas on the staircase where you support yourself while walking up and down. With time, smudges, dirt, and stains take toll of the handrail. You may also find that the rails are too rough or broken at some point. Since there is not so much pressure on the handrails, they are usually less damaged than the rest of the staircase.

The newel post

The newel post is the fast to come apart and makes the base of the stairs weak. Some newel posts can be glued while others screwed onto the joint. Resin helps to strengthen the joint. You will always find the broken parts and the nuts below the staircase.

In general, the general look of your staircase is no longer appealing. Much of the varnish is now gone, and you are left with steak and stains in their place. Given the hot weather in Australia, you also find that the wood is susceptible to cracks especially in the areas where there are wood knots. As for the metallic staircase, you will find loose nuts