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What You Need to Know About Exterior Wood & Steel Staircases

There has been a tremendous increase in the popularity of exterior staircases because more homeowners and businesses utilising their building roofing.  Flat roof buildings are now being used for a great variety of purposes and especially to make room for socialising.  Sunrooms, greenhouses, roof gardens, dining areas, swimming spaces and even children’s play areas are common uses for this often wasted space.  It absolutely amazing to see these dull areas transformed into beautiful social areas, especially when these areas are used to create a greener and healthier biosphere.

But what about the exterior staircase?  Is your only option with an exterior staircase to invest in a dull yet sturdy staircase or can you invest in a luxury wood or steel staircase?  

Consider spiral staircases

Spiral staircases are much easier to climb and they take up less room.  These staircases also look a lot better when added to the side of a building. Straight staircases, on the other hand, can also look wonderful if it is done correctly.  

What you need to know about exterior wood staircases

Natural elements like sunlight, rain, and wind are your biggest problem when it comes to exterior staircases.  Wood has been a very desirable staircase type for centuries and is a popular staircase choice to this very day.  One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of wooden staircases is due to wood’s flexibility.  Wood can be crafted in various shapes and styles and can contribute to a much more unique and beautiful staircase.  This type of staircase is also perfectly suitable for exterior use as long as you invest in a fine wood type like cherry, maple, walnut, mahogany, oak or high-density plywood.  When wood is used exteriorly you will have to regularly treat and maintain the wood and you might have to frequently refresh and stain the wood so the staircase will continue to look remarkable despite being exposed to sun, wind, and rain.

What you need to know about exterior steel staircases

Steel staircases are much more durable and require less maintenance than wooden staircases.  This is because steel isn’t as vulnerable to nature’s elements and this material is also a much better solution if your staircase will be handling a lot of traffic.   Steel staircases can also be greatly customised and creative designers can create wonderful looking steel staircases for any setup.  The only maintenance you will have to do with these staircases is regular cleaning and regular paint refreshing since paint isn’t nearly as durable against sun damage as steel.  The big drawback of steel staircases is the fact that this type of staircase cannot give you that traditional, vintage and classic vibe as wood and might not be suitable for a building with more of a traditional architectural design.

Both wood staircases and steel staircases are perfectly suitable for exterior use.  You can utilise that flat rooftop and create a lovely social area without having to give up class and style with regards to your staircase.  

If you choose to invest in a wood staircase then it is important to invest in a quality wood and quality design so your staircase will last as long as possible.  It is also important to do proper maintenance on your exterior wood staircase so the wood will continue to look amazing despite being exposed to natural elements.

If you choose to invest in a steel staircase then you might not get that classy and traditional vibe but you will get excellent exterior durability and a staircase that can handle heavy traffic.  

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