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What you should look for when it comes to Handrails for Stairs

As superficial as it may sound, choosing the right handrail for stairs in your home, office, or any building space is just as important as choosing the right kind of tiles or furniture. Handrails can be helpful for children and adults in a multilevel dwelling, but also bring about a sense of aesthetics for your indoors. Apart from design, material, and colour, it’s imperative that you look at safety regulations when choosing the correct handrails for your stairs. Here are some helpful hints on how to select the best for your home or space.

Who is going to use your handrails? 

Your first step would be to understand whom the handrails will be catering to. Ask yourself of the primary purpose of the building – is it an office complex? A home? Or a warehouse? If there are children in the equation you will have to install a handrail on both sides of the stairs. It should be within easy reach. If it’s a storage area, you might want to look at durable designs and material that would last long. If the stairway is in the outdoors it will be of a different material and design altogether.

Take in your surroundings when it comes to your handrails!

Design-wise, you must consider if it’s specifically for stairs – consider the slope, landings, and the angle before you purchase handrails. There are handrails used specifically for different surfaces, for instance, rails used on the second store of a building may differ from the ones used on the ground floor. This is the most important factor to consider when installing handrails. You could seek advice from architects if you are unsure about what will fit within a frame of safety and longevity.

The material & style will be decided by your budget! 

Once you have looked at the design, you can now look at the type of material or style you would like it to have based on your budgets. Victorian interiors can match the wood stain of the staircase and handrails to ascertain a sense of importance. If you prefer a formal look for an elegant stairway, the handrails could have more fine details in dark colours like black or dark brown. For simplicity and minimalist designs, an iron railing with delicate curves and edges can do wonders to your interior. For larger spaces, elaborate designs and detailed iron railing could enhance the beauty of the area; the details in the railing will not block natural light from permeating. Monochromatic rails suit compact spaces; you can combine them with square balusters and have it as the dominant colour of the room (i.e., the walls). Contemporarily-designed spaces work best with stair railings that incorporate clean lines. For this purpose, you can use dark stained lumber and have to posts to join the railings. For a rustic appeal, simple cables and wire railings can emphasise on the interior.

Remember the cleaning factors when it gets built! 

As the final step of purchase, keep in mind cleaning and maintenance – there’s no point in having a beautiful hand railing for your home if it’s constantly rusty, swept with cobwebs, and grimy. Look at how you can keep the hand railing clean and employ budget-friendly products that don’t need a specialist’s visit frequently.