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Why Polish Protects Your Stairs Better Than Carpets

The debate over which one is better for stairs: carpet or polish. It is a very typical, yet a highly sensitive subject for both residential and commercial markets alike. According to furniture manufacturers and preservation experts, the answer may polish. There, polish can be considered as the perfect protector for stairs. We cannot disregard the contribution of carpets on behalf of the protection of stairs as well, but it pales in comparison to polish. How do we break down this one to prove that carpets are a better option to protect your stairs than carpets?

Polish Can Make Difference In The Long Run. 

Polish is a process in which your stairs can be covered by a thick layer. After treating a wooden structure like a staircase with polish, all dents, dings and superficial scratches should happen to the wax layer. We can apply polish over any varnish, lacquer, finish penetrating oils or polyurethane. From this feature, it adds much protection to the stairs. For this purpose, we need to select a high-quality wax, designed specifically for wood and timber structures.

Liquid polish works as an initial wax coat on wooden structures as a much like a sealer. By using a sealer it can avoid unwanted substances from penetrating and damaging the interior of wooden products. When talking about aerosol polishes, the main attribute of that is its convenience. They have a power so as to protect the surface without harming it. It is the best we can expect from aerosol polishes. There are many polishes which protect wooden structures including stairs. In the same time, some misuses of polishes on wood can damage the products. If the polish is applied improperly or too frequently, an unnecessary build-up of material will be there. They can be unsightly in it and also cause different particles to adhere to the surface of the stairs.

Carpets Provide Warmth…But That Is About It. 

When using carpets to protect stairs, there are many reasons that we need to consider. If it’s the common people behaviour, then our houses are far from perfect. We have to look into things like carpets to bring it to the next level. Either way, we can consider how we can benefit from the use of these.

Carpets contribute a lot towards retaining the warmth. As a result of that aspect, heat produced inside wood does not penetrate into the outer surfaces. This may cause damage to the standards of the stairs. Carpets are natural thermal insulators and have low heat conduction. On the other side, in the transition from a warm to a cold season, this can result in a considerable amount of reduction in the use of heating.When talking about the safety in using carpets, these reduce slippage especially when the stairs are wet.

Carpets have super dust-trapping properties. Until it is vacuumed again, dust is perfectly held by the pile fibres of the carpet. This avoids dust entering and damaging the surfaces of the stairs. Also if the right carpet is selected in the first instance, many years of comfortable service can be gain from that. This causes less harm to the stairs as well.

Polish Is The Way To Go. 

This proves that polishing your stairs is the best way to go when it comes to protecting it. While carpet might be cheaper model, it pales in comparison to the likes of polish. Talk to a professional stairs expert for all the help you need with your polishing.