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Which stair style suits my house best?

When trying to determine which stair style would best suit your individual home there are a few things to consider. Some may be more noticeable than others, but that is why today we would like to help you on your way to determining which style of stairs would best suit your home.

Point 1: The first thing to consider…what is the style of your home is? Does your home have an older or more vintage feel/look; maybe you have a large Victorian style home? No matter what style you have you want to pick a staircase that will perfectly complement your home’s style.

Point 2: Second, think about what you want out of your stairs. That’s right: your stairs can be so much more than just a way to get to the second floor of your home. Have you seen the stairs that have slide-out cupboards under them…the ones with shelves built right into house books, or maybe a door that leads to a single closet space for storage? The point is you will want to think about what you really want from your stairs before you start designing them.

Point 3: Third, when you pick your stairs you have to pick the main design and size. But when it comes to personalising your stairs you are able to paint and stain your stairs however you want or however would best suit the style of your home. The hard part is picking the initial staircase and then the fun of customising it can begin.

Who would have thought picking your stairs for your home would be so in depth, right? If you do it right the first time though your new set of stairs will last you a lifetime and complement your home just as long. As with anything you can always call the professionals in Melbourne to come and provide a free estimate as to the cost of the style you want for your stairs or even call them and ask for a professional point of view for the stairs.

S&A Stairs has the variety of stylish stairs that can make the difference to your home. Speak to one of our specialists today.