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Why Choose S&A Stairs?

For generations, stair building has combined the artisan craft with modern machinery. Unlike windows, doors, and other household fixings, stairs are always original and designed specifically for your home. It means that the stair you install is special – it reflects your values, constraints, and style.

At S&A, we’ve been guiding people through the process for almost 100 years, which means we’re experienced in creating stairs that respond to their environment. They’re not just cardboard cut outs that we repeat over and over again, our projects are always responsive to the needs of you, your home, and your family.

A Century Of Innovation.

We’ve been innovating stairs since 1920, when we opened our first work shop in an old horse stable in South Yarra Melbourne. Over the journey, we’ve constantly improved and innovated our range of products and driven the industry forward with new technology, machinery, craft, and ideas. We’ve worked with Australia’s most renowned architects and builders on some of the countries most iconic buildings.

While we’ve always embraced technology to move our business forward, we’re also focused on refining our craft. Throughout our facilities around Australia, we’re always training the next generation of master craftsmen, who refine their craft and teach it to the next generation.

Built On Integrity.

Perhaps the guiding principle of S&A Stairs is our commitment to our people and our customers. It’s something that we’ve held close since our inception, and something we still strive for today.

Across our three operations in Australia, we have more than 20 staff who have worked with the business for more than 20 years. We foster families, too, and often employ more than one generation in the same family. At the same time, we build long standing relationships with our clients and deal with trust and integrity to make sure they prosper long into the future.

We’re honest and transparent with our customers, and clear communication is the driving force behind our integrity and quality.

Dedicated To Advancement.

We’re always updating our machinery and retraining our staff at S&A. It’s a part of our culture. Over the past few years, we’ve brought in state of the art CNC machines and software from Europe, to ensure our practice is world’s best.

Complete Services.

We prove a complete service at S&A, so from our first contact, we’ll guide you through the entire process. From measuring your stair, offering advice on design and style, helping you choose your materials and finishes, and installing your finished stair. All of our stairs come with a warranty, and we’re always committed to supporting our clients for the lifetime of their stairs.