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With custom staircase trends changing every year, there’s a material that’s risen in popularity that seems to be sticking around for the long-run. Steel is an incredibly popular material for both residential and commercial custom staircases, and for some very good reasons. Home and business owners are realising not only the great structural benefits of steel, but the cost benefits as well.

At S&A Stairs, we are pushing the limits on custom staircase designs. We love working with high-quality steel for a modern, sleek look, but we can also use steel in traditional staircase designs. Here’s why we recommend steel for your next staircase project.


Steel is one of the strongest custom staircase materials available. Your staircase needs to be structurally sound, and lightweight stainless-steel can provide the lasting strength your staircase needs to keep your family, employees, and customers safe. Whether you use steel in your home or in your business, steel is going to ensure that your staircase is safe and secure.


If you want a staircase that’s going to last, a steel staircase is always an excellent option. Steel will last for decades without showing signs of wear and tear, so if you have a staircase that’s going to get a lot of foot traffic, you’re choosing long-lasting durability when you choose steel.

Durability is particularly important in commercial environments. Employees, customers, and inventory may be going up and down your stairs every day, so it’s important to choose a staircase material that’s going to stand the test of time.


Included in strength, durability and strength is stability. While all of our custom staircase designs are structurally sound and stable, steel adds another layer of stability into the mix. Steel won’t bend and warp like other cheap metals might, which is an important safety feature. If a staircase is built with the wrong material for the weight load, the materials can bend and warp, which can compromise the integrity of the entire staircase.

Easy to Customise.

Another feature that we love about steel is it’s so easy to customise. This lightweight metal can be used in a wide range of staircase projects, from floating staircases to traditional staircase designs. We feel that steel staircases can work with virtually any style of home or business.


As we previously mentioned, steel is an extremely affordable material and can help cut down on costs when you build a custom staircase. We understand that cost is an important factor when designing your custom staircase. We can help you craft the staircase of your dreams using cost-effective, durable materials like stainless steel, glass, and high-quality timber. Whether you’re looking for an all-steel staircase or a combination of a few materials, our design team can help make the most of your custom staircase budget.

Custom Steel Staircases From S&A Stairs.

Steel is one of our favourite materials to work with, and it’s easy to see why. No matter what kind of staircase design you choose, there’s always a way to add steel, whether it’s for structural support, visual appeal, or both. While spiral and floating staircases use steel more often than more traditional designs, there’s no reason you can’t add beautiful steel to traditional staircases.

For decades, S&A Stairs has been the area’s leader in custom staircase design and installation. Our founders had a vision of shaping the landscape of custom staircase design, which we are still doing to this day. No matter what kind of staircase you need, our team of design experts can turn your dreams into reality. Check out some of our top projects or speak with a design consultant today to start your next project.