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Why Space is Now Popular For Stairs

Over the last few years, homeowners have looked to increase the space in their homes. They want more space for their items, their family and for their lifestyle. The problem relies in that it is a very expensive process – and one that can’t really work if you live in a condensed area or small place.

This has lead to people maximising the space of their staircases.

Why are people going for this change?

The answer is simple – people want more space in their homes without the expense associated with an extension. Extending your home (if have the room for an expansion in the first place) can be extremely expensive.  However, by adding more space underneath and minimising the space of staircase, you are able to use the additional room for something they want.

How Are They Doing It?

There are two distinct ways in which space is being created with stairs. The first is quite a common option: the underneath section of the stairs are being used as storage or an additional room. Homeowner are transforming the space below into rooms and nooks so they can use it for something special.

The second option is to actually reduce the size of the staircase. This job is a bit larger, as it will require the whole staircase to be reconfigured and adjusted. It will however, open up the home to having more space for itself. There is also the benefit that the staircase can be recreated in the image of the homeowner.

Who Can They Get Help From?

So how do people get this done in their stairs? Simple: they go to stair manufacturing professionals. Basically, you are going to need people who understand the very fabric of staircases; how to build them, adjust them and reposition them. A professional can handle all the work for you, as well as provide you with any insightful knowledge that can help you with your plans.

We hope that this information has given you an insight into why people are looking to get more space from their staircases. If you would like to get new stairs in your home, or want some friendly advice, speak to the experts here at S&A Stairs today.