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Why Traditional Timber Staircases Make Excellent Under Storage Cabinets

Are you probably wondering if there is a way that you can utilise the space under your timber staircase?

Shelves and unconventional storage spaces under your stairs are ingenious ways to store your things. It is a storage making innovation that should be a standard home feature to ensure that every square foot under the staircase is put into use.  Proper utilization of the space under the staircase makes your house more functional. It does not matter whether you live in a modern or traditional house, various ideas can help you organize your space well.

How to Use your Storage Space

You can turn the space under the stairs into built-in lockers for storing various things. The space can be used to build drawers or shelves for decorating the items that you want to display. Your staircase can also be converted to a bookstore. Some creative homeowners build floor to ceiling storage cabinets on the staircase to make the most of their home spaces. People with small houses can increase their storage space using the staircase. Other homeowners may want to create a complete kitchen, equipped with drawers to store their kitchenware.

Although most people would put a shoe or coat rack there and be content with it, this space has the potential of turning heads among people who visit your house. For better creative ideas in utilising the staircase space, you can search the internet or consult homeowners who have utilised their staircases spaces in a way that is interesting to you.  Under storage cabinets allow a neat and tidy way of organising everything from pantry goods, books, hats among others.

The designing of under storage cabinets may need some custom carpentry skills, but the results are satisfying. However, not all under stairs storage has to be built in or custom made. If you do not want to incur expenses in custom building the storage space or maybe you are a renter you need not worry, some stylish shelves can be premade and still offer excellent storage space.

New home builders should spare some time to plan on how to incorporate the staircase storage before building their houses. The storage gives your house an excellent aesthetic feel, and it is a great way of showcasing your books, serving pieces, kitchenware among other things. If you want to be traditional, you can build open storage cabinet holes that allow you to stack everything that you use in your daily life.

You can also build a hidden closet where you can install shop bought shelves but still be able to hide your things by building a door that closes to conceal your items. For staircases which face the sitting or living room, the space can be used to hide electronics like video games, television, and speakers. In this case, you may require to consult with an electrician before building to ensure there is proper cooling and wiring system.

Do you want a room to store your bikes? You can install hanging racks under the stairs, and you have a smart way to store your bikes while keeping them out of the way.