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Why We Love an Open Staircase Design

In today’s modern home, a staircase is more than just a functional part of the home.  Staircases are becoming centrepieces of the home, and with so many styles to choose from, it’s easy to see why.  One of our favourite styles of staircase is an open staircase design. From lighting to adding a modern appeal to your home, there are tons of reasons why you should upgrade your staircase to an open staircase.  Here’s why we love an open staircase design.


One of the best ways to maximise the light in your home is to update your staircase to an open staircase design.  Traditional staircases can block a lot of the light in your home, making your home appear darker, which in turn makes it feel smaller.  An open staircase design gets rid of the bulk and keeps the staircase simple and modern.

An open staircase without any risers and a central steel stringer is the perfect way to really open up your space – with this style of staircase, you’re letting light pass right through the staircase and in to the rest of your home.  Lighting plays such an important role in how your home feels. Updating your staircase to an open staircase design is a great way to quickly improve the lighting in your home, making your home feel more spacious and welcoming.

Modern Style

We love an open staircase design because an open staircase feels so modern.  There are tons of great staircase styles to choose from today that it doesn’t make sense to stick with a ‘traditional’ staircase.  If you want a staircase to feel more traditional, an open staircase is versatile enough to do that. You can include risers and choose traditional materials when constructing the open staircase to blend classic style with an updated open staircase.

We think the best open staircases pair different materials together that cater to both traditionalists and modernists.  Using high-quality wood for the treads and metal for the stringer is the perfect way to appeal to someone looking for a more classic staircase as well as someone who wants something modern.  You truly can’t go wrong when choosing one of our open staircases.

Added Space

Open staircases give you more room in your home – traditional staircases close off the space underneath them, while an open staircase allows you to use the space that was previously closed off.  By changing your staircase to an open staircase style, you’re increasing the amount of liveable space in your home.

We’ve seen some great ideas for utilising the space, from a reading corner to a lounge area – the possibilities are truly endless.  What would you add to your home if you had some additional space? With an open staircase, you can turn those dreams into a reality.

Open Up Your Home

Traditional staircases block a lot of the light and flow of a household.  By changing to an open staircase design, you’re really opening up the entire house, not just the staircase.  More light is going to flow through the house, and rather than seeing the staircase as something that’s blocking space and light, you’re able to see beyond the staircase and into the rest of the house.

An open staircase is a functional, stylish addition to your home and can easily be the centrepiece of your space.  With the right materials and style, an open staircase can transform your home and make your space feel much more inviting.  Check out some of our open staircase designs to get some ideas on how to give your home the upgrade it deserves.