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Wrought Iron Handrails: An Upgrade from Traditional Metals

Modern design tools like CAD, machinery, and products have greatly revolutionised staircases.  Staircase designers and construction teams are now able to create a unique and beautiful staircase that appeals to each and every different customer, that suits every need and that matches any architectural building design.

Property owners can choose from a great variety of different type of staircase designs, staircase styles, handrails, balustrades, posts, and accessories. This great variety is absolutely amazing because home and building designs become a lot more unique and interior decorators can craft interior designs that function harmoniously with the staircase design.

The best part about modern staircase designs is the fact that design trends keep updating and more and more products on the market enable designers to constantly provide customers with unique and beautiful staircases every time they set to work.

Wrought iron handrails – the latest upgrade

One of the most important features of a staircase is the handrail.  The right handrail can make your staircase look a lot more uniform, bold, luxurious or classy depending on the type of look you want.  Wrought iron handrails are the latest staircase design trend and this design trend is gaining a lot of popularity in both residential and commercial buildings across Australia.

Traditional metals used

Traditionally, most staircases were finished off with hand railings that consisted of the following materials;

Timber handrails – Timber handrails have always been the top choice of handrail material for most residential and commercial buildings.  This is because timber is incredibly flexible and can be shaped into various styles and designs.  You can choose between squared handrails, rounded handrails, grooved handrails and even rounded handrails if you choose timber and the different types of wood give designers a lot of options with regards to grain, colour and texture.

Stainless steel handrails – Stainless steel handrails have also been a popular staircase design trend.  Stainless steel is flexible, bendable, unstainable and incredibly durable.  The only downside to this metal is the fact that it is quite expensive.

Why wrought iron handrails?

Clients today seem to show a preference towards wrought iron handrails because this metal is functional and beautiful at the same time.  The handrails can be used along with various other accessories and pillar types to create a unique or distinct look.  Wrought iron handrails don’t offer the same sense of value and luxury that wood does but does appeal to many people simply because of the different characteristics.  This handrail type can be crafted into just about any style or design imaginable which also gives interior decorators a lot more room for creativity and imaginativeness.

Why wrought iron and not traditional handrail types?

Traditional handrails or rather balusters are usually quite uniform in style.  They all consist of a handrail and vertical pillars and even though the materials and designs vary a lot, the end result is still quite uniform.  With wrought iron, designers can customise their handrails even more and create looks that consist of different patterns including horizontal patterns, curves and even staircases that can contain custom-made metal artworks.  But the flexibility of wrought iron handrails is not the only reason for clients to prefer this type of handrail today.  The metal itself also has a lot of other attributes that make it a preferred staircase selection like the following;

–    Stronger materials result in superior safety despite customised designs.

–    Suitable for both commercial and residential buildings.

–    Greatly customisable and can be used to express characteristics

–    Designers can create ornamented and beautiful patterns within staircase railings

–    Incredibly durable

–    Low maintenance requirements

With these attributes and benefits it is quite easy to see why so many construction companies and interior decorators are starting to favor wrought iron handrails.  If you are looking for a completely customised staircase solution that is durable, easy to maintain, and trendy then wrought iron might just be the right solution.

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