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Your Specifications 

As we continue through the consultation process, we’ll break down the specifications that are essential for your project. We’ll help you choose materials, give you ideas on design, and offer a range of solutions that work within your budget. We’re always honest and open through this process, because we believe that honesty and integrity from the outset means that no problems arise further down the process.

Understanding Your Home.

Because we take the time to gain a detailed brief from the outset, we’ll have an intimate understanding of your design aesthetic, which means we can work with you on the selection of materials and the design of your stair. We’ll give you advice on how we can best choose design and materials to minimise budget, and achieve the highest quality finish on your stairs.

Your Budget.

At S&A, we understand that there every project comes with a new set of constraints, so we always work with our clients to make a clear budget plan. We’ll always be flexible and knowledgeable when it comes to choosing materials and design elements that work within your budget.

Making Changes When You Need It.

It’s all part of our service. When you build an S&A stair, we’re with you for life, to help you when you’d like to restore your stair or make some changes. We’re always adaptable and focused when there are issues, and always work with our clients to make sure our products last a lifetime.

Once you’ve given us the specifications of your home, stairs, and vision, we’ll move on to the next step and provide you with a quote. For information regarding our pricing and quotes, visit the “Our Quotations” page. This page will describe our process for providing you with an honest quote regarding your stairs project.