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Styles & Shapes

Unsure of what style and shape of stair will suit your home? Well, we've broken them all down to make your decision a little bit easier.

Stair Styles

Modern Stairs

Modern is defined as of recent times or the present - this definition also equates to modern stairs. These structures are associated with clean lines with bright and illustrious features. Modern colour schemes generally lean towards naturals or neutrals.

Contemporary Stairs

What is the difference between modern and contemporary we hear you ask? Well, that's an age old question - and there is a difference. Contemporary stairs are difficult to define due to the fact that contemporary architecture, in its purest form, hasn't been designed yet! They are creative with regards to architecture, continually pushing the boundaries away from the norm and are characterised by a stark boldness.

Feature Stairs

"Wow..." that is the reaction you're looking for when you install a feature staircase in your home. This staircase is a major focal point in your home and in many instances a work of architectural art in its own right. Feature staircases are a S&A specialty, one which we have honed in over our 96 years of stair building.

Traditional Stairs

Traditional stairs are stairs that have been created in a period style or to compliment a specific era. They are generally designed to respect the origins of a particular time and blend with the history of the home.

Classic Stairs

Classic stairs can be similar to traditional stairs but are not designed to image a specific era and are conceptualised in a more timeless manner. Classic stairs can be situated in a modern or period home and can cross the divides of both styles.

Curved Stairs

Curved stairs can be made from a variety of materials and can create a hugely impressive structure in any home. We believe that a beautifully created and functional curved staircase is the embodiment of modern architecture. The design challenges both the designer and the stair builder to let their mind run free - resulting in either the gloriously simple or the wonderfully intricate. A curved staircase can dominate an entrance foyer or form a home's internal back drop.

Spiral Stairs

The major difference between curved and spiral staircases is the internal beam which all spiral staircases are constructed around. This beam is not required in the construction of the curved staircase as these are more of a free standing creation.


Stair Shapes

Straight Stairs

This stair shape is generally used where space may be an issue. Overall a straight flight of stairs is easier to design and construct than one with landings.

L Shaped Stairs

An L shaped stair will have one landing and usually changes direction by 90 degrees. An L shaped stair can create a beautiful feature and can resolve any issues you may have with straight stairs such as the visibility of the top floor, as well as reducing the danger of falling. An L shaped stair can be both an elegant and functional structure in any home.

U Shaped Stairs

A U shaped stair may employ a single wider landing for a change in direction of 180 degrees, or 2 landings for two changes in direction of 90 degrees each. A U shaped stair is a grand addition to a home and creates a fantastic impression in any entrance lobby or living space.

T Shaped Stairs

A T shaped stair is ideal for your grand entrance. This is a design that commands attention and truly establishes the tone of a building. T shaped stairs are usually large scale offerings, however, have been known to be adapted to suit smaller homes and cottages in the past.

Curved Stairs

S&A Stairs have been the curved (or geometric) staircase builder of choice in Australia for over 96 years. The art of building a curved stair cannot be learned overnight. We carefully select and train a specialised team of people who have the patience and the skills required to visualise, design and craft a geometric stair. Alec Acquroff learned the art of crafting curved stairs in Edinburgh over 100 years ago. Today our state of technology provides us with precision and speed while our team ensures Alec's legacy of superior detail and design remains.

Spiral Stairs

Spiral staircases are curved staircases with the difference that they're supported by one internal beam. These are beautiful structures which in the past have been categorised as a period or traditional style, however, this is now changing and this stair shape is now being used in more modern and eclectic designs.