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S&A Services 

From our first contact, we’ll take you through the entire process and offer our guidance and advice on everything from measuring your stair, to choosing your materials, to design and final installation. All of our services and products are tailored specifically to our clients, which means that your stair will be unique and designed to meet your needs. By carefully assessing and creating a solid plan, we are able to proceed forward to design and build a set of stairs that transcends traditional stairs and satisfies our clients’ creative impulses.

Our Consultation Process

In our initial consultation, we’ll talk with you about your home and vision. Once we understand what you want, we’ll offer our guidance on advice the stair that will best suit your specific needs.

We’re open and honest through the consultation process, and always ensure that our communication is clear and concise. You’ll deal with one of our sales consultants, who will consult with the team at S&A and deal with you directly. For more information regarding our consultation process, click on the heading for a direct link.

Your Specifications

Once we’ve got an understanding of your home’s specifications, we’ll work with you through the process of selecting your design, material selection. We’ll work with you to make sure you get the best possible stair for your budget, and we’re always able to make changes depending on new constraints. For more information on specifications, click on the heading.

Our Quotations

Once we’ve taken your specifications into account, as well as the potential hours of labour, design, measurement and installation, we’ll provide you with an honest quote regarding the cost of your stairs project. Click for more information regarding the quotations we provide.

The Designs

Once you’ve gone through the initial process with our sales team, we’ll take you through the design phase with one of our technical detailers. Our technical team help you through the implementation process, from measuring the stair well to creating technical drawings. For an in-depth look into Our Designs Process, click on the heading.

The Manufacturing Process

Once you’re happy with your design, our scheduling team will work with you to make sure your stair is installed on time. We know what it’s like to organise trades when you’re building a home, so we’re always flexible and committed to delivering our stairs on time.

The Installation Process

When it comes time to install your stair, one of our installers will install the finished stair on site. It’s a time consuming and careful process – one that we’ve refined over generations – because we believe that a quality installation means that your stair will last a lifetime. Click on the heading for more information regarding our installation process.