February 26, 2019

Should I Upgrade or Replace My Staircase

Staircases can last a pretty long time. In Europe, a wooden staircase have been found in a Bronze Age salt mine that is over 3,000 years old and still in great condition.

While this is one of the oldest wooden staircase types there are plenty of stone staircases still standing today that dates from ancient times.

If a staircase is designed and installed by a staircase expert like S&A Stairs, then these constructions should stay in great condition and strong and sturdy for many years to come.  There are however many things that can affect the functionality of a staircase. Building modifications, natural disasters, and even interior decorating changes could have an effect on the functionality and beauty of your staircase and might inspire you to change or replace your old staircase.

The only question then remains – is it better to upgrade your old staircase or should you simply make way for a brand new staircase design. Here is a quick guide to help you decide.

Staircases can last a pretty long time. In Europe, a wooden staircase have been found in a Bronze Age salt mine that is over 3,000 years old and still in great condition.

Your Staircase Is No Longer Practical

If your building construction is upgraded and changed then your current staircase might no longer be practical.  It could be that it is simply situated in the wrong place or seems to be in the way. In these cases, it is best to opt for a brand new staircase.  There are many staircase types that can be installed in any room or location of the building so you can once again restore practicality.

Structural Damages Become Apparent

Squeaking staircase steps are all too common and shouldn’t be a concern to you. But if your staircase construction is no longer strong enough or seems to be damaged then it is best to get the entire staircase replaced with a brand new and more beautiful design as quickly as you can.  Faulty constructions could result in a cave in that could lead to terrible injuries.

Your Staircase Is Out Of Date

Just because your staircase no longer fits in with modern styles doesn’t mean you have to get it replaced.  If your home has a classic style interior decorating then keep your staircase exactly the way it is. The traditional classic style captures natural beauty and emphasizes the era the house or building was created.  But if your staircase no longer fits in with the design or interior decorating of your remodelled home then it might be best to get an upgrade.

There are lots of ways we can improve or upgrade your old staircase for a fresher and modern look without taking everything out.  A fresh set of balustrades, new chrome handrails, and a good polish might be all that is needed to refresh and modernise these constructions.

The Staircase Is Too Bulky

Traditional staircase designs were a lot bigger and bulkier than modern staircase designs.  A fresh new staircase that takes up less room and less visual space in your home or building can be a real breath of fresh air.  

The Staircase Is In the Wrong Place

In many homes, the staircase might simply be in the wrong spot.  It can take up too much space in the centre of a living room, it can be too far back in the house or simply don’t look right.  In these cases, a fresh new staircase could make a world of difference in terms of aesthetics.

Your Staircase Is Worn and Old

Staircases can last a very long time.  If there is nothing wrong with the staircase construction then you could revive the old staircase by simply getting new and fresh materials installed.  New balustrades, a fresh coat of paint or new timber steps could enhance the staircase tremendously.

Are you looking into an upgrade or replacement?  Then we welcome you to give our staircase experts at S&A Stairs a call.  Our design teams are excellent at reviving old staircases or can get a brand new staircase designed and installed in place of the old one.