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Three Steps To Designing Your Custom Stairs

Designing a staircase should be a fun and exciting prospect. The problem over time is that it gets overwhelming – you struggle under the burden of getting it permanently right. Once you design and then get your staircase manufactured and installed, that’s it.

We aim to help you not get overwhelmed by this process – so we have provided you with three solid tips when it comes to designing your custom-made staircase.

Step 1: Calculate The Rise Of Your Future Staircase

The first step that will go a long way to sorting out your plan is to figure out how vertical the staircase has to go. This will provide you with a real figure on the number of steps that you need for your creation. Now that you will have a scope of how large your staircase will be, you will have an understanding of the kind of design that works for your home. With this solid point, the mathematics of your stair creation will help sort out your creative side, which we will discuss in detail next.

Step 2: Match It To Your Home – Or Don’t!

Now, this creative point can go two ways:

1 – You create a staircase that stands out by itself. You go for a different colour, texture, and design that remains separate from your home. No longer will your stairs just be part of the house, but rather become a centre point. This is becoming a new trend with many homeowners as they make the staircase a feature of their own. Think if you want your staircase to be its own “thing” in your home.

2 – Or your staircase blends in perfectly with the rest of your home. The materials match, as does the colour and the style. This is the more “classic” approach to staircases. You can still to some degree make your staircase stand out; it will just won’t be a feature.

Step 3: Go For Quality

You should never ignore the quality of your materials for your staircase. Remember that your stairs should be secure and safe for years to come. They need to endure millions of footsteps over the years, so you want the best. On top of that, if you do invest heavily in your staircase, you will see the value of your property go up!

We hope that this three-step process will help you with your staircase design. For more help or information regarding stairs designs and creations in Melbourne, contact S&A Stairs today.