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2019 is finally here which means that our company has officially been designing, making and installing staircases for 99 years! We are definitely looking forward to 2020 when our staircase designers can celebrate a century of designing the finest quality staircases in Australia.

The new year is bound to be packed with lots of exciting changes and opportunities. This year is also going to be the best time for you to build a brand new staircase for your building. With ten decades of experience, you can bet that our staircase construction teams can get you the finest quality and style staircase to be found.

Modern staircases are quite diverse. There are more types to choose from today than ever before and our staircase designers can even custom design your staircase so it will be truly unique and different from any other staircase you have ever seen. The following top staircase types are certainly terrific picks for your home or building in 2019 because these look the best by far, they are efficient and durable in design.

Spiral Staircase Designs

Modern living is all about making the most out of every square inch you have to your disposal. Spiral staircases are our top pick for the best staircase types of 2019 because they can be installed anywhere in a home and these staircases take up so little space. They also provide an elegant feel and serves as a very attractive feature in any room.

Straight Staircases

Straight staircases do take up a bit more space than spiral staircase designs but these are also a top pick for 2019 because they are the easiest to ascend or descend. When these staircases are combined with modern elements such as wired balustrades, chrome handrails and open steps they also provide a contemporary, open and spacious feel.

Glass Balustrade Staircases

Glass is very popular amongst modern home trends and that is exactly why any staircase with these types of balustrades should be a terrific investment this year. The glass naturally gives an open, modern and luxurious feel. Glass is also associated with green living and minimalism since it is a biodegradable eco-friendly product. Staircases with glass balustrades certainly a wise investment for homes with a modern vibe, for homes with outdoor-indoor integrated spaces and for businesses with plenty of glass partitions offices.

Curved Staircases

The curved staircase is also a terrific pick for 2019. They might not be as space saving as spiral staircases but they are just as easy to ascend and descend as straight staircases. The curved design enhances a feel of elegance and charm that spiral staircases are usually responsible for. These staircases can be designed in classic styles with wooden balustrades but a more popular design for our modern time is contemporary accents of steel, chrome, wire, and timber.

Open Step Staircases

Closed step staircases are mostly associated with traditional staircase designs. Modern trends do however favor staircases with open steps. The natural light that beams through the steps makes it easier to see and these staircases are often more affordable since they don’t require as many materials as closed step staircases.

A Touch of Steel

Steel products such as wrought iron and chrome or stainless steel are very popular in our modern age. These materials are also pretty functional in staircases because they are easy to maintain, highly durable and incredibly strong. Staircase designs with lots of steel features such as steel balustrades and chrome handrails tend to look more modern or contemporary. If you are looking for a modern type of staircase then you can definitely consider something with lots of steel touches.

At S&A Stairs we can help you create your dream home with our quality staircase designs. Our teams can help you achieve any type of look or style you need and we can most certainly assist with any of these top staircase types from establishing the right design for your property through to installation.