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What To Look For In Handrails In Stairs

If your home is a multi-storey house, having stairs installed is a no-brainer. Of course, you’ll have to add handrails to give your stairs a touch of style, colour, and mass, not to mention safety. If you are looking to bring more variety, colour, and a unique design style into your house, selecting the right handrail stair design style is certainly important. It doesn’t matter if you favour a minimalistic look or your home has a rustic appeal, going for the perfect handrail design will add a flair of elegance to your interior decor. In this article, I have rounded up some of the top things you ought to consider when choosing the right handrail stairs.

The Design Style

Right off the bat, ask yourself: what design style appeals to your taste? It’s well known, but the design and architectural tastes of the homeowner largely determine the elegance of a house. So, go for details, colours, and decorations that you think should shape your dream home. It’s your call! In the end, it is paramount to choose handrails that will match perfectly with your interior decor and architecture. The last thing you want in your home is the handrail stairs clashing with other aspects of your home.

The Safety

Here’s the thing that most homeowners don’t get when it comes to handrail stairs: aesthetics and safety need to go hand in hand. While the appeal is necessary, your stairs should always secure and safe with the materials used. Of course, you don’t want to risk your safety and that of your loved ones, do you? If you have children, for one, the safety of the handrail stairs shouldn’t be given a second thought. Your handrails of choice, for instance, should have hand extensions to allow hassle-free changing of stair levels.

Is The Size Obstructive?

Let’s face it: handrail stairs don’t have to make a bold statement. Nowadays, less is more beautiful. So, skip monstrous handrails for glass, cable or vertical pole ones that’ll merge seamlessly into the interior of your home.

The Material: What Is It Made Of?

We touched on this above with the safety point above. The material plays a crucial role in not just in the safety of your stairs, but also the duration and aesthetics of your handrails. When choosing the right material, however, it boils down to your personal taste as well as the existing interior design and decor. These are just but a few things to look for in handrail stairs. Besides, you can consider other factors like cost and so forth.