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Why You Need Staircase Railings

Whether it’s an indoor application or a staircase in your home, it’s important to always have a staircase railing connected to your stairs.  The biggest factor is safety – in fact, many local building codes require a handrail after a certain number of stairs.  Aside from safety, there are plenty of practical reasons to have staircase railings in your home. Read on to see why you need staircase railings and how we can help!


Safety is by far the most important factor when considering staircase railings.  Whether it’s three steps or 30, you should always have a staircase railing for the safety of those visiting your home.  If you don’t have staircase railings, you may run the risk of someone being injured on your property, which may mean you’re liable for their injury.

When you install a quality staircase railing, you’re keeping your loved ones in mind.  Your modern home may not call for a staircase railing, but your family’s safety should take priority over the look of your home.  A sturdy rail on your staircase can help prevent falls and will keep your family and guests safe.

They’re Stylish

Staircase railings can be grand and elegant, adding a timeless elegance or a modern touch to your home.  There are so many different railing designs out there to choose from, there’s something for every home. From simple lines to exquisite detail, railings can create stunning definition to your staircase and create a focal point on your stairs.  Staircase railings not only provide functionality, but they provide added style to your home!

Use Them to Decorate

No matter the holiday or special occasion, staircase railings are great for unique and fun decorations.  From birthday parties to family holidays and everything in between, your staircase can serve as a primary decoration point for your holiday decor.  Decorating your staircase is a timeless tradition that will live on with a quality staircase from S&A Stairs.

Stairs May Be Required By Law

Federal and local laws may require you to install staircase railings if your stairs are above a certain height.  It’s always important to comply with building codes, otherwise you may be hit with hefty fines and penalties. Keeping your home up to building code is important.  Be sure to do thorough research into local building codes to ensure that your home is up to code.

The S&A Stairs Story

For almost 100 years, S&A Stairs has been crafting the finest staircases in the area.  Our name has been known for superior quality, style, and consistency. From ultra-modern staircase railings to timeless classics, we have everything you need to put the finishing touches on your stairs.

We are so widely used throughout Australia that we’ve been there through some of Australia’s biggest architectural movements – we’ve even helped shape some of the most stylish home trends that you see today.  Our sound design techniques shape the future of architectural trends. S&A Stairs is at the forefront of architectural innovation.

Our team will take the time to meet with you personally to discuss your individual project.  The quality staircases you see at S&A are all hand-crafted to each individual’s needs. We want to partner with you on your railing project – we’ll bring you along every step of the way, from initial concept design to the final installation.  We’re so confident in our craftsmanship that we back our staircase railings with an unprecedented 10-year warranty.

No matter what you’re looking for in a staircase railing, our team of experts can exceed your expectations.  For more information on our incredible staircases and to set up an initial consultation, contact us today!