May 3, 2013

Abstract Designs That Appeal to the Senses.

Edgy and full of intrigue.

Every so often there is an architectural design that embraces the beautifully abstract while maintaining an inviting and livable space. Our Fawkner Way project, recently critiqued in the is one of those designs. With an incredible steel facade that lingers through the interior in the form of its staircase, the Fawkner Way project is edgy and full of intrigue.

A focal point in its own right compliments both the exterior and the adjoining kitchen. The dark steel balustrade still allows the light to flow though into the living space and brings a continuation of the wall colourings to the first floor.

To see the our Fawkner Way project in more detail, click here.

Project by Krongold Constructions

Photography by  Sarah Louise Jackson