Australian Hardwoods

Australian Hardwoods

At S&A Stairs, We’ve been crafting stairs with Victorian Ash & Tasmanian Oak for a Century, working extremely hard to secure timber that is of outstanding environmental and ethical standards, to the highest FSC Certification. We’ve done this in collaboration with local communities and longstanding suppliers in Victoria and Tasmania.

While recent industry announcements may have come as a surprise for some - we have been working very closely with government and industry stakeholders on this issue for a long time.

Today we’re outlining our plan to continue supplying our customers with high quality Australian hardwoods for many years to come. With high supply levels of Victorian Ash, we’ll be filling all orders, as specified. Now and for some time to come.


What’s the Difference between Victorian Ash & Tasmanian Oak?

Victorian Ash & Tasmanian Oak are umbrella terms or brand names for 3 virtually identical eucalyptus species. Tasmanian Oak refers to the hardwood produced by 3 species when sourced from Tasmania. While Victorian Ash refers to hardwood produced by 2 species when sourced from Victoria.

At S&A, We’ve been crafting stairs with a mix of all three since 1920.




A Seamless Transition

Over the past several years, we’ve secured enough stock to make the transition seamless for our customers. Replacing our traditional locally sourced Victorian Ash with a highly similar or identical species from Tasmania. With stock of Victorian Ash secured into next year and beyond.