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Designing a custom staircase for your home or business is a fun, exciting project, but if you don’t understand your budget and know how to make your budget go the furthest, it can become stressful and overwhelming. Understanding the concepts of custom staircase designs can help you plan your budget accordingly. You don’t have to sacrifice on quality or style just because of a smaller budget.

While traditional, standard staircases are often less expensive, they don’t offer the style and elegance that a custom staircase does. At S&A Stairs, we handcraft all of our staircases and design each piece specifically for our clients and their space. If you want to transform your home with a custom staircase, here’s what you need to know to design a stunning custom staircase on a budget.

Understanding Size Requirements

First and foremost, you need to get an accurate understanding of the size requirement of your staircase. When you consult with the team at S&A Stairs, we will measure your space and provide custom drafts of your staircase design. Typically, the larger the staircase the greater the cost, but that isn’t always the case.

The complexity of both the staircase and the space that the staircase is being installed can also impact the price of your custom staircase project. Start by measuring your current staircase, both height and length, to understand your specific staircase needs.

Overall Shape

As we mentioned, the complexity of the staircase will also have an impact on the overall price of the custom staircase project. A straight flight, minimalist staircase is going to be a very different price than an intricate spiral staircase in a tight space. We can help you decide what’s right for both your space and your budget.

Just as important as the price of the staircase is the functionality of the staircase. While price is certainly a major factor when deciding the design of your staircase, it wouldn’t make sense to choose a staircase that isn’t particularly functional just to save money on the project.

Material Choice

One of the most varying factors of your staircase is the material choice - your materials can drastically change the overall cost of your custom staircase. For example, a wooden staircase may be more cost-effective than wrought iron and high-end stainless steel. However, even the choice of wood can make a difference in price.

The great news is that you have complete control over the materials that you use, so you can control your costs by choosing materials that are less expensive. We only use high-end materials, so choosing a material that is less expensive doesn’t mean that you’re getting a lower-quality staircase.

Cost of Labour

We work hard to keep our labour costs low for all of our clients. From the initial design to the final day of installation, we streamline our processes and cut costs so we can pass those savings on to you. The great news is that labour costs are consistent and predictable, and you’ll get an upfront quote to show you what labour would cost for your project.

S&A Stairs

There’s a lot to think about when designing a custom staircase, and for many home and business owners, the top factor is budget. When you work with S&A Stairs, you’ll get a beautiful, reliable custom staircase at virtually any price point. Using industry-leading design and construction techniques, you won’t have to sacrifice on elegance and durability due to budget restrictions.

Let’s get started with your custom staircase consultation - we can review styles, designs, materials, and more to help you get a clear understanding of what your project will cost. Contact the team at S&A Stairs for more information on how we can transform your home or business with a custom staircase.