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Even with rigorous upkeep and maintenance, there may come a time when your staircase becomes damaged or worn down. Natural wear and tear will happen over time and barring any extreme situations, light damage is a natural part of using your staircase over the years. Fortunately, there are some simple things that you can do to quickly repair any damage that your staircase endures without spending a ton of money on professional repairs and upgrades.

At S&A Stairs, we manufacture high-end custom stairs for homes and businesses in the area. From simple, traditional staircases to complex, modern staircases, we have the skills and expertise to design and create the staircase of your dreams. Here are some easy DIY staircase repairs that you can try out today to make your staircase look brand new.


Depending on the material of your staircase, your treads can become worn after consistent use. Timber is a common tread material and can easily become worn down if you have heavy traffic in your home. While worn down treads may look bad, they’re relatively easy to fix and update.

The first step in a tread repair is to sand down all of your treads to make them even and smooth. After wiping away the sawdust, simply stain and seal the treads again to make your treads look brand new. All you need is an electric sander, stain, sealant, and a few hours to complete the project.


Handrails are an essential safety feature and need to be maintained in order to provide maximum safety and support. Depending on what material you used for your handrail, there are plenty of ways to repair and restore your handrails. Metal handrails may simply need a quick scrub and polish to make them look new. Wooden handrails can become worn down after continued use. Just like treads, you can sand, stain, and seal your wooden handrail to make it look brand new.

Handrails need to be secured to your baluster or to your wall, so you should regularly check your handrail for loose brackets and screws. Make sure your handrail is securely fastened to your baluster or wall before continued use.


Balustrades can be wood, metal, or glass. While baluster damage is not common, there are some things you can do to fix normal wear and tear when it does occur. Wrought iron balustrades can become tarnished if not regularly polished. Glass will smudge and look dirty without regular cleanings. Aside from regular upkeep, balustrades can also become loose after heavy use.

Balustrades are one of the more complex parts of your staircase, but that doesn’t mean at-home repairs have to be complex. Using chemical-free cleaners, regular cleaning schedules, and rigorous upkeep will keep your staircase looking new.

Updating the Look of Your Staircase

Updating the look of your staircase is a simple and effective way to upgrade your entire home. A simple coat of paint, new finishings, or even new surface materials are simple, cost-effective ways to change the way your staircase looks and feels. Even if your staircase isn’t damaged, there are simple things that you can do to make your staircase last even longer.

S&A Stairs

These tips and tricks are great for cosmetic damage that naturally happens when your staircase is used over the years. If your staircase is severely damaged, it may need to be replaced entirely. That’s where our team of skilled designers come in. Offering custom designs that you’ll love, we have just what you need to upgrade your home.

For high-end, handcrafted staircases designed for your exact space, contact the team at S&A Stairs today.