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How Can Lighting Impact The Style Of Your Stairs

They say lighting can make a room or piece of art pop, and the same can be said for the lighting for your stairs. The type of lighting you choose for your staircase can have a drastic impact on the look of your stairs. Lighting can do so much more than just allow you to see where you are going, lighting can be used as a way to decorate, highlight and accent different parts of your Melbourne home. Let’s take a look at some of the ways lighting can impact the style of your stairs, shall we?

Lighting can add accent points to your stairs or highlight certain areas of the stairs that you want to showcase. Strategically placing lighting can make a plain boring staircase seem more intriguing. The right lighting can also create different moods in the stairs, a soft low light can create a calming atmosphere on the stairs only highlighting the steps themselves whereas recessed lighting shining down from the ceiling can create a bright and lively atmosphere on the stairs.

A few different types of lighting that are growing in popularity for staircases.

  • Lights built into the wall adjacent to the staircase
  • Lights built into the backs of the stairs
  • Lights from the ceiling – directed onto the stairs
  • Lights placed behind the stairs and have it shine up through the side of the stairs to make them appear to glow.
  • Lights can be placed literally inside the stairs so that the stairs themselves light the way.

  • There are so many wonderful ways to accent your stairs using lights of all kinds, so gone are the days of boring and plain staircases, welcome in the age of artistic, creative and functional staircases here in Melbourne. The key is to highlight the lines of your stairs with the lighting you choose to help showcase the stairs and bring personality to space.