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Maintaining Concrete Stairs – How To Do It

Concrete, as you know is a very durable and sturdy material that guarantees you a lifetime of security. So when you have concrete stairs, you know are secure in the knowledge that they are going to last a lifetime.

However, there are times that even concrete requires some sort of maintenance in order to maintain its aesthetic appeal and continue its duration. When looked after, both plain and decorative concrete will look as good as new, as well as saving you lots of money in the long-term. But what are the tricks to ensure that the concrete remains perfect?

Applying Concrete Sealer

One of essential maintenance measures associated with concrete stairs is applying a sealer. With the application of sealer, concrete will be more resistant to water and greasy substances – guaranteeing you strengthen and security. Moreover, sealers make concrete easier to clean, so you end up spending less on maintenance and you’ll always have that clean sharp appearance. Generally, sealers should be applied on completely dry concrete surfaces as damp concrete does not take up sealant as you would expect. Be sure that you allow the sealer to dry perfectly before using the stairs.

Treat The Cracks

The next important thing you should look for is cracks. Cracks can appear on concrete stairs over the time and these cracks might vary in size from slightly visible ones to large ones. Regardless of the size, cracks on concrete should be addressed at your earliest to prevent conditions worsening. Be sure to clean the cracks well before everything else; you can use a wire brush or a chisel to clean it. Relatively smaller cracks should be treated with an appropriate patching compound. However, you should seek the assistance of a stairs expert in Melbourne, who will be able to help you with your problems.

Regular Cleaning

Besides the minor repairs, it is very important to carry out regular cleaning of your concrete stairs. Obviously, the cleaning lets you have nice looking concrete stairs while assuring a longer lifespan. But more importantly, regular cleaning helps you to remove general dirt, grime and other unpleasant stains that built up over the time that damages the finer layers of the concrete stairs.

Pay Attention To The Joints

Concrete stairs generally have a large number of joints. You should pay special attention to these joints and make sure they are sturdy at all times. If not, these joints can weight down and collapse over time. Also (as mentioned above with the sealer) if you don’t seal these joints properly, water can penetrate through them and cause dangerous situations. If you notice large cracks in the joints, immediately consult a stairs expert to ask for advice.