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Managing Your Timber Staircase On A Budget

Homeowners, investors and renters love their timber staircases. They are considered classic and traditional and work well with homes of all styles. However, for many people with timber staircases, they find themselves struggling to keep their timber staircases looking stunning for decades on a budget – especially when it comes time to sell or rent your property.

This is why we have come up with three tips for you to maintain and keep your timber staircases in premium condition. Follow these tips and you will be notice the difference:

1) Change The Choice Of Timber

The best thing about timber is that there is no standard. You have an array of different timbers available for you. You can choose from oak, red brown, red wood mahogany and many more. By simply changing your choice of timber, you can work wonders. It will give your staircase that extra flash, as well as completely changing your home. Always remember that by adding new timber to your staircase, you can increase the value of your property.

2) Give It Another Level Of Coating

Sometimes your timber stairs might look brilliant and you don’t need to change anything. All it needs is a quick shine. This is where you can look to add another level of shine coating. It will give your timber stairs a new lease of life, as well as protect it from any scratches or marks that could happen. Look towards a shine coating to give your timber staircase that extra push towards being a high-quality standard.

3) Rework Some Sections With Carpet

Another option is to manage your timber staircase is to protect it with carpet. This won’t cost you a lot or blow your budget out of the water. It will though add a level of protection that other options can’t. Carpet will help cover your timber staircase, protect it and ensure that nothing will damage it. When it comes to choosing carpet, make sure you get stuff that is thick and strong, as well as easy to clean. It will help you in the long run when it comes to cleaning the carpet.

These three tips can go a long way to keeping your timber stairs looking stunning on a budget. If you would like more information on timber staircases, or if you are looking to get yourself a custom made timber staircase, then speak to the experts at S&A Stairs today.