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Should You Have Different Colours For Your Stairs? Here Are The Trends

You know the latest trend with staircases? Having a mix of colours and shades. No longer are stairs considered to be another part of the home. It has become its own part – something which can be unique in its own way. So naturally, when people want unique stairs, they go with the best and easiest option: colours. A mixture of colours can do wonders to any part of the home and when applied to stairs, it is the same.

But is this trend really all that is hyped up to be? Are you thinking about having multi-coloured staircases in your home? Well, before you start the process, let us have a look at some new colour trends in the colour revolution of staircases.

The Case For Using Light Colours For Your Staircase

It should be noted that a majority of interiors in houses are painted using light colours – white, a light grey and so forth. So, it is quite natural to see staircases being painted with lighter colours. People use light colours for several reasons: it adds more space to your house, works very well with similar colours and considered a cleaner look compared to dark colours. The only downside is that it is quite hard to maintain. It tends to get discoloured as your feet make contact with it all the time. So in order to keep the stairs looking their best, you’ll have to keep the work up to maintain it.

What About The Use Of Dark Colours?

This has been quite an interesting trend during the recent past. People use a combination of dark colours most of the time to make their staircases stand out more. The problem is that dark colours may not work with the house colour and structure within most homes – it can seem out of place, as well as make the property seem smaller. However, it doesn’t lose its lush like the light colours do and doesn’t require plenty of cleaning to keep its shine.

The Option Of Ceramic Staircases

This is a great option for a staircase with plenty of colour variations. People tend to lay ceramic tiles to cover their staircases using a mix of different colours and designs to create a unique experience. You have unlimited options to decide on a suitable pattern and colour scheme with the ceramic tiles. However, getting ceramic staircases is not cheap and can cost you a lot more to maintain – as well as the downside of cracks occuring. While it is aesthetically appealing, it does cost the most to maintain.