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What Stairs Are Best for Your Commercial Property?

The value of stairs in your commercial property is absolute. When choosing the right one for a particular commercial property, however, it all boils down to the design, material, and the type of stairs. That said, there are a huge variety of stairs out there, making the choosing process a little arduous. But don’t worry. Today, we’ve rounded up best types of stairs geared towards the commercial real estate niche to help you get started.

Straight Stairs

This type of stairs has remained popular over the years in both commercial and residential property. As you have already inferred from the name, these stairs are “straight and continuing” in a given direction. They are perfect for commercial properties where people are needed to ascend or descend quickly. Besides, straight stairs are easy to create and tend to last longer. On the downside, these stairs take up a fair amount of long space which has to be planned for in the design.

Quarter Turn Stairs

Commonly called L-shaped stair, this stair is an oft variation of the straight counterpart. The difference is that they have a landing followed by a 90 degrees turn. Quarter turn stairs with a landing at the bottom or top – often termed long L-stair – is quite popular in commercial properties. Why? L-shaped stairs are safer, less noisy, offer more privacy, provides resting points, and works like a charm on a corner of the property. They are ideal for condos.

Half-Turn Stairs

Also called U-shaped stairs, half-turn stairs are essentially two parallel flights of straight stairs connected by a landing followed by an 180-degree turn in the line of walking. Most commercial properties go for half-turn stairs because they are elegant, offer ample resting points, and are easy to fit into a building plan. Nonetheless, these stairs are a little difficult to build.

Winder Stairs

Commonly found in multi-level libraries and hotels, Winder stairs are a complex variation of quarter-turn stairs. However, they have triangular or pie shaped steps at the point of transition instead of a flat landing. These stairs are popular as secondary stairs in properties with an entry stair. In this way, they can offer alternative access to areas like kitchen, restrooms, and so forth. If you’re looking to save lots of space, then winder stairs will do also the trick.

Curved Stairs

Curved stairs are poised to add a touch style and elegance to your property. In fact, they are ideal for any point of entry to the building, allowing you to make an outstanding first impression.