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What Type of Staircase Are You?

A beautiful staircase can do wonders for the architectural design of a building.  The staircase is often seen as a major focal point in the living area because the staircase automatically captures the eye.  This attention-grabbing focal point draws your attention towards the upper levels of a building and prickles curiosity. No one that glances upon a staircase can help to wonder about what lies beyond these steps and about the designs and decorating of these rooms.  

Choosing the right staircase for your home is as important as choosing the right type of fine art for your decorating.  Unsightly and dull staircases can make the entire living area look dull and boring where an exciting, modern and luxury staircase design contributes to a much higher sense of class and value.

So what type of staircase suits you and your home?  

There are quite a few different types of staircases to consider for your home that can enhance efficiency and the look of your home.   Here are the top staircase types that will definitely result in a classy and timeless look.

Closed staircases

Closed stairs create a sense of sturdiness and are the best option for those with a fear of heights.  These staircases can work well if you are looking for a straight and simple look or if you prefer to utilise the space underneath the staircase for storage or closet space.  Closed staircases can be finished off with closed stringers to enhance the feeling of sturdiness or you can choose to invest in staircases with cut stringers on one or both sides for a more open feel.

Open staircases

Open staircases greatly contribute to a modernised vibe but these staircases aren’t suitable for those with a fear of heights.  Open staircases are amazing for those areas where you need to have the space underneath the staircase free for movement. These staircases can also be fitted with closed stringers on the side to give a sense of stability or you can choose cut outer stringers for a very open feel.

Open staircases with a central timber stringer

If you are looking for a sleek, stylish and very modern look then this is the right stair type for you.  Open staircases with a central timber stringer will save up a lot of space underneath the staircase and these are often the best choice for staircases that are centrally located.

Semi cultivated stringers

These staircases are open on one side and closed on the other side.  The staircases are best suited for corners of the room and still give you that open and modern feel with a sense of sturdiness and class.

Staircases with central steel stringers

Steel stringers greatly enhance the durability of a staircase.  These types of staircases are suitable for mid or centrally located staircases as well as corner fit staircases.  You can also choose to invest in a closed staircase for a more traditional and safe vibe or an open staircase for a bolder and more modern vibe.

Staircases with steel plate stringers

The wooden steps contribute to a feeling of class and elegance while the steel side stringers give a sense of strength.  These staircases can be fitted with closed steel stringers or zigzag steel stringers and can be either be fitted with open or closed steps.

The steps are just a part of the design

While the stair type is very important for the general theme and vibe of a room it is hardly the only thing that will affect the look of your staircase.  These staircases can be fitted with a wide range of different posts, handrails, balustrades, and other accessories that will make the staircase a lot safer, easy to access and that will enhance the general look of your staircase.  

The most important thing to remember when you are considering all the different staircase styles and designs is to always use a good quality staircase company like SA Stairs.  With the right company and the right design you can create a bold, beautiful and very captivating staircase that will without a doubt enhance the general appeal of your home.