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Which Staircases are Ideal for Small Spaces

When you’re limited on space in your home, the last thing you want is to take up that limited space with a bulky, outdated staircase.  Fortunately, you don’t have to – today’s modern staircases are unique, efficient, and take up a lot less space. There are tons of great staircase options to choose from at S&A Stairs.  We have a few options to truly maximise the space in your home. Here are some staircase ideas that are perfect for small spaces.

Dual-Purpose Staircases

One of the best ways to maximise your small space is to choose a staircase that also serves another purpose.  This is more than likely going to be storage, which is a fantastic way to not only save on space, but give you extra room to store your things.

If you’re low on storage space, consider using your staircase as a storage option.  By using the front of each stair, also called the riser, as a pull-out drawer, you can turn each step into a functional storage space.  If you’ve got a lot of steps in your staircase, that’s potentially a lot more storage to use.

Go Vertical

There are some staircases that maximise the space because they’re much more vertical than a traditional staircase.  While this may seem intimidating, they’re actually very safe and give your style a unique feel. Popular vertical options are open risers – the tread, which is the piece that you step on, does not have a riser.  Instead, the space below the tread is open.

The vertical staircase with an open tread looks almost like a very sturdy ladder with larger planks.  With no risers, light can easily pass through the staircase, making your space feel much brighter and more open.

Floating Staircase

One of our favourite staircase options, the floating staircase is a great way to maximise your small space.  Floating staircases are modern and look far different from a traditional staircase. You can use virtually any material in a floating staircase, but they’re most commonly metal for added structural support.

By having the staircase support either in the wall or even the ceiling, you’re freeing up space on the floor where a staircase would normally be.  Additionally, you’re getting better lighting in your home with a floating staircase. Floating staircases are usually very minimal in their structure, meaning light can easily pass through the stairs and into the rest of your home.

Use Your Walls

Floating staircases, much like vertical staircases, can be intimidating at first.  While they are extremely safe and secure, we understand that sometimes a more traditional staircase is needed.  If you’re wanting a more traditional look for your home, we suggest using your walls as support for a staircase that has no rails.  

By placing the staircase up against the wall and eliminating the rails and balustrades, you’re creating a functional and effective staircase that doesn’t take up much room.  Another great idea with a staircase up against your wall is to utilise the space under the stairs for additional storage.

Making the Most of Your Space

The bottom line is that space is often limited, so we want to do everything we can to maximise that space.  A beautiful custom staircase is a great place to start – with a custom staircase you can improve the lighting in your home, add storage space, and give your home a new modern look.

At S&A Stairs, we pride ourselves in providing the highest-quality custom staircases in the area.  We’d love to help you with your next project. If you’re in need of a new staircase in a small space, we hope this guide has been helpful and we hope to hear from you soon.