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Why Do We Have Stair Nosing?

A considerable number of property owners hardly have any idea about the usefulness of the stair nosing, and they continue to question if it worth to spend money on such installation at all. Practically, there are many good reasons for any property owner to pay on stair nosing. This article explains why a property owner should consider installing stair nosing on their stair cases.

Stairs for Commercial PropertiesWhat exactly is a stair nosing?

Just like the name suggests, stair nosing is a simple installation that adds proper finishing to the steps of your staircase. As a result of installing these stair nosing, you can hide the unfinished look and the sharp edges of the wood flooring. In general, stain nosing is manufactured to blend the colour and the material of the floor. Most of the time, the edge of the stair nosing stays slightly over the surface.

What exactly are the uses of installing stair nosing?

You might have seen that most of the modern staircases come with stair nosing. If you have ever walked on a staircase that doesn’t have a stair nosing, you will surely know how uncomfortable and unsafe it is no matter if it is a commercial property or residential property. When the stair nosing is installed, the length of each stair will be slightly extended. Even with this lightest extension, you will feel more confident when walking on the steps. With this extended length, the stair case will be safer to walk as it reduces fall accidents and slipping. More importantly, you must know that many local governments demand commercial buildings to equip their stairs with stair nosing as a safety precaution.

When your stairs don’t have nosing installed, their edges are vulnerable to damages over the time. The edges of the stairs are more fragile; these edges can break easily even when someone steps on them with some force. Over the time, the stair case will have so many damaged edges that can ruin the appearance and the value of the property.

Apart from that, stair nosing allows you to improve the overall visibility of the staircase easily. One of the main reasons for people to fall on the stairs is the poor visibility (when all the stairs and the edges appear in the same colour people cannot distinguish one stair from the other). You can reduce this annoyance significantly by installing stair noses of different colours and help people to tell apart stairs easily even when they are in a rush. If the surrounding has poor lighting and the stair is made out of dark wood material, you should install nosing with a brighter colour. So the residents will be able to identify the stairs easier.

So, if you expect to assure the safety of the residents when they use the staircase, it is mandatory to have these stair nosing installed. It can be a very useful safety precaution no matter if your property fits in the commercial or residential category.