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Why should I choose traditional stairs for my home?

When determining what type of stairs would be best for your home there are many things to take into consideration. Today, we want to help you to decide why traditional stairs are the best option for your Melbourne home. Now, first let’s clarify what traditional steps are because they can mean a few different things to different people. Traditional stairs are defined as stairs that have been created during a period of time or style that is meant to compliment a specific era. For example in your large Victorian style home, you probably have Victorian style stairs which would be classified as traditional.

When you think about the first impressions of a home the stairs may not be the first things that come to mind, but in reality, the stairs make a huge statement about the home. The stairs add a unique and complementing look to the home.

Traditional stairs can…

  • Complement many different eras with the same style.
  • Make a real statement about your home as well as your style.
  • Be stained or painted to suit your individuality and personal style.

  • The problem arises with choosing traditional stairs for your home when the style of those stairs isn’t quite what you want or expect. It is in these cases that it might not be best to choose traditional stairs for your home. While traditional stairs may be complimenting to your home you don’t want to have a set of stairs that you hate and have to look at them daily for the next thirty years. Thankfully this “issue” rarely happens because you can really take traditional stairs and make them your own by adding your custom touches to them both during construction and then after with paints and stains.

    The only other problem you might run into while choosing the right set of traditional stairs is the selection. There are so many different options when it comes to staircases it might take a while to find exactly what you want. Remember to be positive and patient and you will be sure to find that perfect set of stairs for your home that will complement your home and your style to a T. You can speak to S&A Stairs today for your own traditional staircase creation.