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Wish List

We have developed a Wish List to help you select and save your favourite projects and products. With this tool you can place all your favourite styles together so it's easier to compare and contrast the different elements that you like.

To populate your Wish List with the projects, stair styles and products you like, simply click the "heart" symbol located on each page. To locate the symbol, simply scroll down and click the "Save to Wish List" option in the specification area of each project or product. Alternatively, as you scroll through the project and product galleries you can click the heart symbol that appears when you hover over a particular photograph.

To access and edit your Wish List, click the Wish List button in the top right corner of each page. Here you can review and remove selected projects and products, share your Wish List via email or send us a copy of your Wish List along with an inquiry - just so we can get a better understanding of your tastes and preferences.