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Glass is one of the best and most versatile home construction and decor materials. It is believed that the art of glassmaking was discovered over 4,000 years ago in Mesopotamia and the Roman Pliny is one of that went on to develop the art even further.

Today you can find glassware in just about every building, kitchen and structure in existence. The use of glassware is also favoured for its renewable and eco-friendly qualities. Glass is made of sand. It is one of the only products in the world that takes nothing from earth’s natural resources and leaves nothing extra behind.

If you are looking for a terrific and eco-friendly way to remodel your home or improve your staircase design then you should definitely look into glass balustrades.

The Pros of Glass Balustrades

These glass railings are perfect for use in staircase designs because it provides your staircase with plenty of terrific benefits like the following.

More lighting

Dark staircases are dangerous because it is a lot easier to lose your foothold if you cannot see the steps properly. Glass balustrades allow natural light to flow through the railings and reach your steps without casting any shadows. Your staircase naturally becomes lighter which reduces your need for artificial lighting.

Enhances staircase safety

Glass balustrades are made of a thick tempered glass that isn’t likely to shatter or break. These types of balustrades will certainly keep you, pets and small children from falling off the edge of your staircases. More natural lighting also reduces the chances of tumbling downstairs because you can see each step clearly.

Unrestricted view

At S&A Stairs we invest quite a lot of time in developing staircases that look brilliant and with glass balustrades, you can marvel at the beautiful design, colours and textures of your staircase steps without anything blocking off your view.

Enhances style

Glass naturally creates a modern yet luxurious vibe. These types of railings certainly will enhance the style of your staircase dramatically.

Easy maintenance

These balustrades are pretty easy and affordable to maintain since you only need to keep them clean to keep them in great condition at all times.

Environmentally friendly

Glass is eco-friendly and perfectly safe in your home and to the environment.

The Cons of Glass Balustrades

While these beautiful balustrades offer plenty of terrific benefits there are a few cons you need to be aware of before you buy them. Here are the few cons of these types of staircase balustrades.

Lots of cleaning required

Like all types of glass doors, panels and windows, your glass balustrades will require frequent washing and cleaning to maintain a beautiful, transparent appearance. Glass also isn’t the easiest thing to clean. You do need to use the right cleaning agent and technique or your staircase will be streaked and covered in strokes and spots.

Price difference

Standard balustrades like timber, steel, and others are often a lot more affordable than your glass balustrades. These beautiful, thick tempered sheets don’t come cheap but you definitely get what you pay for!

A lack of privacy

Staircases aren’t exactly known for being a private space but some can feel a bit out in the open while climbing up and down these staircases in comparison to other opaque materials. This is actually a benefit when it comes to families with small children, though, as your little ones are less likely to be playing on a tall, dangerous staircase on your watch!
Looking into glass balustrade designs? S&A Stairs can help you develop a beautiful design and can professionally install these gorgeous balustrades for you. With our experts on your side, you’ll receive support in tailoring the right design to your property and can be assured your new staircase will be installed safely and soundly.