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In most homes and buildings the staircase is one of the biggest decorative features in a room.  Staircases are big and take up lots of visual space. Modern staircases designed by S&A Stairs are also so beautiful you just cannot help but marvel at these creations.  

As a major attraction feature or decorative element in your home or building, it is the one area that you probably want to keep clean.  This is after all the one area in your home or building where everyone will immediately notice dirt and tilth.

Staircases are not the easiest to keep clean.  Everyone uses the staircase and little children just cannot get enough of these areas in your home. The vertical design and all of those steps and delicate balustrades sure do take a lot of time to clean. Here is a quick guide to help you care for and properly clean different staircase materials.

Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades are at the top of our list because they are so popular in modern staircase designs yet so challenging to keep clean in public areas.  The moment someone lays a greasy or dirty hand on your balustrades the markings will be visible. To properly clean glass balustrades, grab a bucket and create a mixture of warm water and dishwashing soap.  Sponge your balustrades and be sure to remove any stubborn dirt. It is best to dry these balustrades using a squeegee or by polishing your windows with fumbled newspaper pages. These are the only two materials that won’t result in streaking on your windows.

Wooden Steps

For the biggest part you can simply sweep or vacuum your staircase but if the wooden steps become too messy then grab warm water and dishwashing liquid mixture and dampen your mop before wiping the steps clean.  You can also buff your steps with a cloth if you want a good shine. Wooden steps look and fare much better if they are treated with wood wax. Once your steps are dry you should grab a cloth and oil those steps using a furniture wax in order to keep the wood beautiful and healthy.

Wooden Balustrades

Wooden balustrades are usually decoratively carved which makes them quite hard to clean.  You can use a mixture of hot water and dishwashing liquid and dampen a cloth to wipe clean your wooden balustrades.  Be sure to clean between grooves because this is the area where dust usually settles. Use a wood furniture spray to polish and gleam your balustrades so the wood will keep from drying out.

Stainless Steel Handrails and Balustrades

Iron and steel staircase materials are a true blessing because they are so easy to keep clean.  These materials are highly durable which means you can go ahead and use any type of cleaning product on them.  The chemicals are unlikely to affect the steel and you can give sticky and stubborn messes with a good scrub without harming the materials.  And unless your steel materials are painted, you never have to maintain it because steel requires no polishers. Just a bit of elbow grease and your materials will look brilliant.

Painted Balustrades

If your staircase balustrades are covered in a coat of paint then you will need to freshen up the paint every few years.  Give your painted surfaces a proper wipe down to remove oils before adding a fresh coat of paint and keep painted surfaces clean by wiping down these surfaces regularly.


Carpet staircase steps are no longer in fashion because they are so hard to keep clean.  But there are some people that prefer to add a carpet to the staircase steps. To keep these clean you need to vacuum every few days, brush pet furs off regularly and deep wash your staircase using a carpet washer every few months.

Do you need more cleaning advice for your staircases?  We welcome you to give our stair experts at S&A Stairs a call.  We are always happy to hear from our customers and are willing to share all the best tips to keep your staircase clean and in great condition.